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Idea Frameworks
Here's a few ideas for storylines that were floating about in my head at the time. They're by no means complete and are simply suggestions for stories that you the community are encouraged to elaborate on and suggest more ideas for.

Spectre's Idea Frameworks

Girl's School - This idea involves a girl's school where big legs become the fashion of the day after the most popular girl in the school gains a tremendous amount of weight after joining a rugby team. Plenty of bickering and showing off ensue. Begins first as a big leg trend, develops into a bulky size trend as the popular girl grows and everyone tries to keep up, then ends up as a fat leg/butt trend as she suddenly begins to accumulate fat as well below the waist.

Fitness Star - Fitness star discovers through her workouts she has a hidden desire for chunkiness and big legs. Through searching she finds an underground community of enthusiasts willing to assist her in her path and lead her to undreamed of thickness.

Video Model - A model/actress to be is shunned for a part in a video due to her lack of size, so she embarks on a quest to gain and finds herself in a never-ending pursuit for the ultimate thickness, resulting in a body sought after by every booty rapper ever.

Buffet Assault - A female athlete is dared to eat as much as possible at a buffet one day and succeeds in clearing out the buffet...but wants more...and more. The spree results in her eating every restraunt in the city out, draining a milk plant dry, and becoming generally the size of Godzilla or larger.

Sorority Fun - A freshman sorority girl notices her growing beer belly and soon begins to enjoy it. Her roommate follows suit and the two intentionally plump each other up, trying to outfatten the other.

Enough Is Not Enough - An angry girlfriend fulfills her boyfriends wishes and grows thicker..and thicker..and thicker, attempting to grow chunkier than he had hoped for and growing the biggest legs imaginable.


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