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Welcome to the Sightings section at Phat Bottoms! Ever been in a mall, out around town, or in the supermarket and you turned a corner to behold the most spectacular babe you've ever seen in your life? One with a body straight out of a story or one who appeared as though she stepped right out of a Spectre image?

You couldn't wait to tell someone, anyone, about how big she was, how thick her thighs were, or how round her calves were. Well, here's your chance to share it with the rest of us. From grocery store visions to high-school crushes, you're encouraged to send 'em all in and have them posted for the world to see. Photos along with sighting information is encouraged.

Sighting: "The Goalie"
Seen By: Spectre
Date: 1998 (Fall Semester) - 2000 (Fall Semester)

This is one sighting I've mentioned previously and have told various folks about. After I left college in 1998 I still returned to catch the Mississippi State University's women's soccer team play each season. In 1998 they gained a sophomore transfer student who was to be the team's star keeper. I took note of her immediately due to her thicker-than-average build when I spotted her for the first time at their annual scrimmage game. Immediately after the game I ran into her at a local department store and got a much closer look. I was able to attend only their home games and saw her a few more times that season but was certainly impressed.

The next year's season brought her even closer to my attention as it was apparent she had gained a bit of weight during the summer, primarily in the lower body. A friend and I remarked over how much she had widened and how thick she had become. At another game I was lucky enough to overhear the team's trainer discussing her with some folks and calling her one he "overdid" as far as her weight training. According to him she had overworked her legs and had "blown up". All of this was quite me at least. I wasn't able to attend many games in the 1999 season unfortunately but it was apparent she would be one to watch.

The 2000 season was the pinnacle of her growth though. At the first home game I attended, I immediately spotted her and was overwhelmed by the amount of size she had gained. She was so large in the legs she waddled and I estimated each of her thighs were maybe 3/4 the width of her waist. Whether this final growth could be attributed to more weight training, her slowing metabolism as she aged, beer binging, college itself, or just plain genetics remained to be seen. She had reached an unbelieveable thickness with the perfect combination of fat and muscle and almost every ounce going solely below the waist.

Before (1999 season action photo)

After ( October 2000 approximate size)

The most unfortunate thing is that I was unable to get any photographs. I had planned on attending their last game simply to get some photos and never made it. Fortunately, I ran across 2 images of her on the college's website but the action photo was a 1999 image and didn't reveal the tremendous growth. Therefore, I've enhanced the image and brought her to her current size for everyone to see and enjoy. If anyone recognizes this girl, let me know. I'll always be curious as to whether she continues to gain since her career is over or whether she'll return to her weight before she came here. Who knows, hopefully she continues.


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